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Technological advances in aerospace, marine and construction fundamentally change the environment of active and passive fire safety requirements and regulations:

The complexity of the environment and the requirements for a technological and holistic implementation of effective fire protection solutions have increased significantly. From latest fire events, it had to be realized that although the individual fire protection components were tested and found to be suitable, but as a combined solution system they were far away from delivering the expected results.

MICROSHIELD® develop a variety of fire protection components and tests them individually and also as part of a system combination of a comprehensive fire protection solution. Such testing allow us to recognize reciprocal reactions and actively support our customers in the right application

We accompany our client from the first idea through necessary developments and certifications to the final completion of the project and make people successful thanks to our passion for holistic solutions. Our customers and partners benefit from many years of development-, application- and project- experience in various areas of active and passive fire protection as well as from the combination of sound methodological competence and technological knowledge.
Laboratory Services

Consultation and support for IMO fire protection solutions and projects

Advice on the application of system assemblies with resins and adhesives from the substrate to the fireproof final coating
(veneers, liquid metal, various decors, etc.)

Research and development in passive fire protection and coatings

Customized application and fire protection developments

Support in flammability tests (IMO Part 1, 2, 5 and CS 25.853 Annex F and FAR25.853 Annex F)

Calorific value determinations by means of calorimeter measurements

Adhesion test with Posi-Test AT-A according to ISO 4624 and ISO 16276-1

Mechanical and application-related material testing
Development Formulas

Special resin applications
Special sunscreen solutions
Special fire protection solutions
Special Clean & Care applications
Custom applications
Process Development

Fabrics / leather
Liquid metal
Clean & Care instructions

Application Technology
Fire Protection Regulations
Technical Audits
Certification Processes
Clean&Care Applications
Certification Support

MED Guidelines / Wheel Mark
Module B, D, E, F, G
Repair & Touch-up
Special Surfaces
We advise and support our clients in combination with and also independently from implementation activities with MICROSHIELD®.