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We explore nature and value it as our teacher. We know all the relevant applications of passive fire protection and create unique customer benefits. Efficient, reliable, safe and guaranteed.

We make people successful by passionately developing new products and solutions.
With the latest and most efficient raw materials, we build individual, high-quality fire protection solutions and innovative applications in Switzerland for worldwide use; on land, water and in the air.

„IGNIS AURUM PROBAT“ Gold prüft man im Feuer, Seneca


Our mission is to break new ground, explore new technologies, and build trusted partners to create lasting competitive advantages for ambitious clients who, like us, want to determine their own future.


We stand for research and development, live the passion for technology and unite the most capable and committed employees.

Together we solve the most demanding tasks of our customers.

We work efficiently, agile, quality-conscious and always customer-oriented.

Together we are:
  • Trusted Partner
    We understand the needs of our customers, focus on sustainable relationships and maintain a transparent, sincere, respectful and close cooperation.
  • Idea Factory
    We are the craftsmen who bring ideas to life. We accompany ambitious customers, designers and service providers from the first thought to the successful completion of their projects.
  • Continuously learning
    We continue to evolve, learn quickly and proactively seek for new knowledge to perform excellently and excite with our expertise.
  • Environmentally friendly
    We develop products and solutions that are 100% harmless for humans and the environment. From development, through manufacturing, use to disposal.
  • Sustainable
    We make decisions that pursue long-term business goals - for employees, customers and partners. We strive for the highest quality.


Culture and value orientation are the soul of our organization, distinguishes us.
We are convinced that the MICROSHIELD® culture and community are the main drivers of our daily activities and bring about positive aspects in society.The MICROSHIELD® culture promotes passionate work with like-minded people.

The passion to do value-adding together unites us.

We maintain a working atmosphere in which everyone involved can do their best.Our organization supports and promotes motivated and entrepreneurial specialists.

We create satisfied employees who turn customers into satisfied customers.
At MICROSHIELD®, the focus ia always on the customer and his wishes and requirements.

To inspire him is the central source of motivation for us.
  • Better and better
    We are looking for the challenges to grow continuously.We are keen experimenting with new ways to test and use new raw materials, procedures and technologies for the benefit of our customers and partners
  • Transparent
    Unbiased and unfiltered, but always respectful and benevolent, we share our knowledge and our views. Both in the organization and personally.
  • Engaged and involved
    We share successes, failures and risks. Our employees shape the future of MICROSHIELD®, are involved in decisions and participate in corporate success