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Microboards - Buildings & infrastructures

Product Specification Sheet

MICROSHIELD®’s Microboard® is a VKF/AEAI: RF1 (Nr. 31178) and EN 13501-1 - A1 certified construction board for the building and infrastructure industries.

VKF/AEAI Certificate (Nr. 31178)
The Microboard® is lightweight and offers high mechanical strength including edge stability. Microboard®s can be processed with common commercially available machines and offer further advantages in versatile application possibilities.

Non-flammability and excellent acoustic insulation, as well as indoor and outdoor applicability, are just some of the features that meet our customer's versatile needs.

Microboard®s are easy to work with. Cutting, sawing, nailing, stapling, painting, direct veneering, etc. are just some of the advantages over standard products.

Microboard®s have a smooth upside surface structure without any blowholes and allow direct decorative coating without any pretreatment. The ground and calibrated side for example, is ideal for laying tiles.

Microboard®s do not contain organic materials, are free of formaldehyde, asbestos or other toxic substances.
They are environmentally neutral and without any influences for humans and the environment.
Construction boards from MICROSHIELD® require about 30% less energy in production than conventional, cement bonded construction boards. This makes Microboard®s more ecological than other products and contributes to the global reduction of carbon dioxide.

The 3mm Microboard® already offers a fire resistance of more than 1 hour. No other construction board known offers similar results in terms of both, performance and price!

MICROSHIELD®'s Microboard® is a construction platform used successfully in the building industry, in particular, to meet high fire safety requirements and above all to optimize costs / benefits.

The Microboard®s are available from 3mm to 50mm in the standard panel size of 1220x2440mm, certified according to VKF/AEAI: RF1 (Nr. 31178) and EN 13501-1 as A1 plate.
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Product Specification Sheet

MICROSHIELD®’s Microboard®s are classified as non-combustible-material
(VKF/AEAI: RF1 (Nr. 31178) and EN 13501-1: A1 plate (ISO 1182/2010 and IMO FTP Code 2010 Annex1 Part 1).

Water resistant
Microboard®s are resistant to moisture and do not delaminate or deteriorate.

Weather resistant
Microboard®s withstand high and low temperatures, are not sensible to light and may be used in humid and dry weather conditions.

Sound insulating
Microboard®s provide excellent sound insulation.

Heat insulating
Microboard®s achieve excellent heat insulation for personal and infrastructure safety.

Impact resistant
Microboard®s withstand heavy compression.

Termite-proof and fungi-resistant
Microboard®s prevent from termite infestation and bacterial fungal growth.

Lightweight and durable
Althought MICROSHIELD®’s Microboard®s are lightweight, they are tough, sturdy and durable.

Microboard®s are dimensionally stable and do not deform.

Strong and nail-holding
Microboard®s are of high mechanical strength and hold nails and screws firmly. No pre-drilling is necessary.

Fabricating and laminating
Microboard®s can be easily assimilated / fabricated with honeycomb, veneers, laminates or vinyl coverings etc.

Free of harmful substances
Microboard®s are odorless and do not contain asbestos, crystalline silicon oxides, phenol and formaldehyde.
Microboard®s are breathable and support a healthy indoor climate.

Technical Specifications

  1. Testing Item
  2. Apparent density
    0.95 g/cm3
  3. Percentage of dry shrinkage
  4. Screw withdrawal force
  5. Flammability class
    Non-combustible (A1)
    VKF/AEAI: RF1 (Nr. 31178) and EN 13501-1: A1 plate (ISO 1182/2010 and IMO FTP Code 2010 Annex1 Part 1)
  6. Fire resistance class
    >2h (F120)
    65 mm steel framed partition with 6 mm Microboard®,,inside isolated with rockwool
  7. Fire resistance class
    >3h (F180)
    70 mm steel framed partition with 9 mm Microboard®, inside isolated with rockwool
  8. Fire resistance class
    >4h (F240)
    75 mm steel framed partition with 12 mm Microboard®, inside isolated with rockwool
  9. Sound insulation
    9 mm Microboard®, +50 mm rockwool isolation
  10. Bending strength
    10 mm Microboard®
  11. Impacting strength
    10 mm Microboard®
  12. Environment
    no asbest, no formaldehyde
  13. Thermal conductivity
  14. Color
    Pink - white
  15. Surface Texture
    Front surface: Smooth
    Back surface: Rough / calibrated

Microboard® sizes

  1. Thickness
    Length × Width
  2. 3mm to 50mm
    2440 × 1220 mm

Climatic change cycles

  1. KLW rating
    No cracks or delamination after 25 cycles in the test

Our Commitment to the Environment:

Green in materials:
MICROSHIELD®’s Microboard®s are odorless and do not contain asbestos, crystalline silica, or any toxic glues, such as urea/phenol formaldehyde.

Green in production:
MICROSHIELD®’s Microboard®s require 30% less energy to manufacture then comparable products.

Green in installations:
Microboard®s can be conventionally processed and coated.