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Liquid Metals

Liquid Metal applications pose a particular challenge if they are required to conform to IMO FTP 2010 guidelines.
MICROSHIELD® Firequard® epoxy resin systems are optimally coordinated so that even highly complex surfaces and shapes meet FTP Code 2010 Part 5 & 2 requirements and can be realized without any loss of quality.
With low chemical shrinkage, our MICROSHIELD® epoxy resins are suitable for direct application to substrates as well as for the production of "free films" in silicone negative molds.
In both variants, impressive, high-gloss surfaces can be created in any metal variants. From the warm, reddish copper, over cold silver pewter to radiant gold bronze, a multitude of metal variants can be implemented.
In addition, the hardened surfaces can be further modified by color or chemical patination and refine. This gives you all the options you need to fulfill your customers wishes or design needs.
There are no major technical requirements for the creation and processing of Liquid Metal surfaces. Usual surface - application tools like woodworking machines and polishing methods are sufficient.
The MICROSHIELD® system can also be used to shape corner elements or round pillars from a flat plate. Our Firequard® Ceramic Foam provides the necessary stability to the liquid metal cast in the silicone mold. In combination with our IMO certified, only 3mm thick Microbaord® creates an extremely stable and fully FTP-certified compound.

Any damage during production, transport or installation can be easily repaired and with little effort.To protect against moisture and oxidation, we recommend our optically fitting and FTP Code 2010 Part 5 & 2 certified paint system.If you have any questions about the correct handling of epoxy resins or the application in your particular case, we are happy to provide our expertise and support.

Liquid Metal Application Instructions