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Liquid Metals

Our production process, specially developed for resin-bonded metal surfaces, is based on a proven system of metal powders and special resins that enable the realization of even highly complex shapes.
With low chemical shrinkage, our fireproof MICROSHIELD® epoxy resins are suitable for direct application to substrates as well as for production in silicone negative molds.
In both variants impressive high gloss surfaces can be created in any metal variant. From warm reddish copper over cold silver tin to radiant gold bronze, a variety of metal variants can be used.
In addition, the hardened surfaces can be further processed and finished by color or chemical patination.
This means that you have all the options you need to satisfy almost every interior design requirement of your customer for doors, fire doors, walls, furniture fronts, kitchen fronts, etc.
There are no major technical requirements for creating and editing the surfaces.
If you have any questions about the correct handling of epoxy resins or the application in your particular case, we are happy to provide you with our expertise and support.

Different designs are also available as finished panels of 1m x 2m. Just give us a call. Talk to us.

Liquid Metal Application Instructions