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Structure of Liquid Metal Coatings

Application description

Maximum Dimension:
2500 x 1250 mm*

* Corresponds to the maximum size of the original shape of the design. Depending on the design, larger dimensions can also be realized, even with connection joints (repeats).

Thicknesses Carrier Plates:
Microboards® are available in various board thicknesses starting from 3 mm

Manufacturing Variants:
In Mould - Technology:
  • Production of the decorative layer in a silicone mould including Firequard® Ceramic Foam
  • Subsequent calibration
  • Glue the design layer to a Microboard® by using Firequard® Epoxy glue
  • Grinding and polishing the Firequard® liquid metal layer and / or chemical treatments e.g. for oxidation to achieve special effects
  • Final anti-oxidation seal (optional)
Advantage: Highly complex structures with a high level of detail can be realized with this technology
Disadvantage: Initial costs for mould production
Direct Application - Technology:
  • Coating of a pre-structured carrier plate by spray application
Advantage: Fast and inexpensive manufacturing
Disadvantages: The finest details of the structures are partially lost. Increased material consumption through overspray.
Edge coatings:
Depending on the coating variant, there are several options.
  1. Direct Application Technology

    The edges are coated directly
  2. Mould - Technology

    a. Subsequent edge coating through direct application
    b. Forming technology using a V-joint and heating / bending the liquid metal layer.

Metal variants:
All conceivable design variants and metal mixtures are available for the liquid metal coating for designs in bright gold bronze, brass, copper to silvery aluminum and steel.

In addition, chemical treatments to create special effects such as Oxidations possible.

Liquid Metal Application Instructions