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Swiss Excellence in innovative solutions

Swiss Excellence in innovative solutions

Welcome to MICROSHIELD®. Based on more than 20 years of experience in the aerospace, shipbuilding and construction industries and our acquired knowledge and experience potential, today we bravely take on "almost" all the challenges.

Product safety is one of the key elements in the aerospace and shipbuilding industry. Today, MICROSHIELD® has a wide range of products such as construction panels, adhesives and resins, as well as design surfaces in metallic look, various shell designs, veneer high gloss applications as well as tailor made carbon furniture to make your wishes come true.

Our Clean & Care products, specially developed for MICROSHIELD® surfaces, guarantee our products an impeccable appearance and a long service life.

We are constantly investing in new technologies, creating attractive designs and solutions for infrastructures that meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Consult our MICROSHIELD® experts for your specific project.

MICROSHIELD® puts an end to all this "ifs and buts" and guarantees at least one answer to each of your questions. Try us!
"He who goes his own way cannot be overtaken by anyone"
Marlon Brando

Skins & leather
Liquid metal
Coatings of all kinds

Design and manufacture of individual, customized lightweight furniture and interior fittings made of carbon
Clean & Care

Development, production and distribution of applied Clean & Care products for the MICROSHIELD decors and coatings

Formulation developments

Development of application technology solutions