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Corporate / Safety / Quality Policy / Environmental Policy and Commitment Statement

The most important goal of MICROSHIELD is to provide our customers with continuous products and services based on their requirements in order to sustain our own business success.
Environmental protection, safety, quality and reliability of our products and services are essential prerequisites as well as professionally managed, involved, well-educated and motivated staff, supported by a positive working atmosphere and an adequate and supportive infrastructure.

We achieve our goals in a process-oriented manner and in the way that each employee carries out his tasks responsibly and independently within the scope of his or her competences.
With professional suppliers, we strive for long-term, fair partnership relationships.
As an attractive employer and good neighbor, we fulfill our social responsibility and are committed to the sustainable and future-oriented development of our region.

The top management of MICROSHIELD, supported by the area managers, commits itself as follows:
  • Respect environmental responsibility and environmental sustainability, as well as recognize the preventive approach to environmental problems, safety and quality, as fundamental principles at all times and to promote and implement these principles in everyday working life;
  • to make sure employees have sufficient general, system and activity-related education and get ongoing training to fulfill their duties and responsibilities
  • to support a company-wide "just culture" and to take into account the human factors in everyday working life
  • to motivate all employees to report errors / nonconformities, vulnerabilities and incidents;
  • continuously implement corrections and improvements;
  • compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements, quality assurance standards and the company's own processes and procedures;
  • Ethical behavior according to the 'The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact' is actively used in the company;
  • on decision-making based as far as possible on facts;
  • to support all internal and external auditors in carrying out audits.
This MICROSHIELD Management System consists of Management Manual (MH) and the documents referenced therein, defines the organization and procedures on which the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 9100, EASA Part 21 and MED-Directive 2014/90/EU certification is based. The defined, approved procedures are approved by the undersigned Managing Director. The manager shall ensure with senior management that this management manual and the documents referenced therein comply at all times with the relevant requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 9100, EASA Part 21 requirements according to 21A.143 and the MED-Directive 2014/90/EU and that the specifications contained therein are effectively implemented by the MICROSHIELD employees, i. binding «lived» and adhered to.

The Head of Quality Management is responsible for the planning, monitoring and correction of the management system as well as for the creation, approval, distribution and maintenance of the management manual with the documents referenced therein.
The management system is binding for all departments of MICROSHIELD and is hereby put into force.