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Swiss Excellence in Buildings - Fire Protection

Swiss Excellence in Buildings and Infrastructure - Fire Protection

With the increasing size and complexity of today's buildings, fire protection is becoming more and more important. The increased potential for fire damage for life, health and also material values ​​makes the use of state-of-the-art technologies accompanied by expert and project-related specialist support indispensable.

MICROSHIELD has specialists with many years of experience in passive fire protection. We develop based on the latest technologies and produce high-quality products from intumescent (foaming) clear-coats and adhesives for wood interiors to fire-resistant, stable and water-resistant construction panels.

MICROSHIELD puts the project-specific requirements and thus the customer in the center and offers a hand for individual, customized solutions.

We are convinced that we already have a suitable and efficient solution for your application or that we can develop it promptly for you. Talk to our specialists.